Anxiety And depression

Anxiety Is When You Care Too Much About Everything,While depression is when You dont really Care About Anything..


Reality Of Fear

-You’re Not Scared Of the Dark

you scared of what’s in it.

-You’re not Afraid of Heights

You Afraid of Falling

-You’re not afraid of The People Around You

You’re Just Afraid in Rejections

-You’re Not Afraid to love

You’re Just Afraid of not being loved back.

-You’re Not Afraid to Let Go

Youre just Afraid to accept the reality that he’s Gone.

-You’re Not afraid To Try again

You’re Just Afraid of Getting Hurt for The same Reason

The Way Out Of Depression

Take A REST.

Take FOOD and DRINK.

Connect to PEOPLE and GOD.


TRUST.Dont Worry.


There will Always Be trouble And Conflict in this World for As Long As You are Alive And Living with People.But YOU need Not Succumb to Fear or Fatigue or Hunger or Isolation.Take time to Rest Eat and Drink Well.Be Realistic in what You Can Handle.Connect to People,Most of all,to God.And Find Fulfillment and Satisfaction in Your Work.You Can Avoid And Flee Depression.


One Way of Being A Candidate For Depression Is Fear. Sometimes People Suffering From Extremely Sadness That You Might Feel Like Dying.. there Is Usually Fear in Them. And It is Abnormal To Fear anything More Than Death Because Life is The Primary Duty Of Life.It is Engraved,written,programmed in our Inmost Being That we Should Not Want to Die so that We will Preserve Life.But When You Want To Die,It is The Reverse Of what is Natural.When You are Always In trouble and You Are Always Afraid??? YOU ARE CANDIDATE FOR DEPRESSION..